Build Strength. Improve Flexibility. Gain Control.
Get Outside and Move!
— fluidmotion

Inspired by our love of water and the great outdoors, we started FluidMotion as an alternative to the typical fitness regimen. Our goal is to help our clients build strength, improve flexibility and gain control through balance and coordination.  When you move better, you feel better!  We provide unique and engaging training sessions that get our clients out of the box and into the fresh air and sunshine. We offer both aquatic and land based classes that use efficient and functional training modalities focusing on enhancing strength in all planes of motion. Think pushing, pulling, lifting, bending and twisting. If want to live a healthy, active and injury-free life, functional training should be the baseline for everything else you do.

Aquatic Fitness platforms such as the BOGA FiTMAT & Standup Paddleboards provide a dynamic environment that challenges students through controlled instability. The dynamic aquatic base requires focus and continued muscular engagement that activates stabilizers and core muscle groups providing a total body workout. This combined with the calming, meditative feeling of being on the water makes for a truly holistic fitness experience.  

Fitness Bootcamps blend yoga, natural movement, running and aquatic fitness for a fun and dynamic total body workout that will challenge your mind and your body. These classes are designed to break out of the monotony of normal fitness routines and put an emphasis on having fun while you work. Remember what it felt like to be a kid, to go outside, climb a tree, throw a ball and run around? It all came so naturally, didn't it? Our fitness bootcamps aim to recreate that feeling and help reconnect you to your natural instinct to just get outside and play. Getting in shape doesn't have to be boring or confined to a box. 

Mindful Movement, Meditation and Breathwork are included in each of our training sessions to improve cognitive function and mental acuity.  We realize that most of us are distracted by our screens and devices 24/7, so we emphasize being more present and mindful in our classes. We believe that those five minutes before or at the end of class may be the only personal quiet time you get all day, so we help you to find your breath as another means to fuel your workouts.