Meet darryl(RYT 200)

Hi I'm Darryl. I love to play, I love to move and I hate when anything becomes static. Whether on land or on water, a sense of playfulness and exploration influences my approach to fitness. In my classes you can expect a blend of vinyasa yoga and natural movement, coupled with in-depth breakdowns & focused drills to help you build strength and better alignment. Students will leave my class with a deeper understanding of their practice and the functional role that yoga and better movement can play in their daily lives.

When I'm not practicing yoga, I enjoy spending time with my wife Melissa, our dogs and one very dog-like cat, cooking and nerding-out on nutrition, snowboarding, and playing outdoors. I also love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and I'm an active competitor - training out of True Believer/GF Team Pittsburgh.
Instagram: @darryleatsandworksout